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Light plays an important role in everyone’s life. MST focuses on sustainable development and efficient use of energy. Follow us to find lighting solutions for the benefit of your surroundings.

Are you interested in customized light source optimized for the LEDiL VICTORIA-MINI optics?

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MST LED module for STRADELLA-IP-64 with efficacy 200lm/W at 350mA. Compatible with LEDiL’s optic.

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This long-life UV-C Led Module will provide you effective performance for desinfection and can be useful in many different fields.

Thanks to germicidal wavelength range (260 nm to 270 nm) it inactivates viruses, bacteria and other pathogens as ultraviolet light is capable to eliminate them, acting as a contactless, chemical-free disinfectant to make your company premises a safer place.

Find out more in product specification or contact us to develop your own unique project.

MST has signed a cooperation agreement with:

Together we want to create solutions for broadly understood disinfection as well as the fight against SARS-COV-2 virus.

28th April 2021

Among 56,000 Polish enterprises, whose financial results were examined in February 2020 by the European Business Institute, MST got position 215th.

Magnetic Systems Technology Sp. z o.o. announced an investment of at least PLN 5,680,000 and to employ a minimum of six new staff members. The project will be implemented in Kętrzyn on a plot of land with an area of 1,1794 hectares.

The investment plan assumes the construction of a 6,000-m2 warehouse with a social facility. The warehouse will be equipped and forklift trucks will be purchased. The project assumes the creation of 14,000 pallet spaces.

Among 70,000 Polish enterprises, whose financial results were examined in April 2018 by the European Business Institute, MST got position 260th.

This Certificate is a prestigious token of recognition awarded only to companies which satisfy specific criteria.

The Certificate is granted to companies whose financial standing gives an assurance of excellent viability, financial strength and liquidity, with an insignificant amount of debts or registered overdue payments.

The assessment of a company’s credibility and stability is carried out by our analysts based on:

  • an analysis of payment morality using the application International Payment Monitor
  • an analysis of financial indicators based on the latest available financial statements
  • Poland’s largest database of corporate and personal links


"Connected - Secure - Convenient" it is the slogan of this year's fair, focusing on key issues: "Improvement of daily life" and "Aesthetics and well-being in harmony".

The trade fair in Frankfurt is an excellent opportunity for presenting products and solutions. Magnetic Systems Technology Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. (MST) took part for the third time in this extremely important industry event.

The offer of the company was met with great interest of customers from throughout the world. There were many business meetings, the stand was visited by over one thousand companies, representatives of manufacturers of luminaires, distribution and design companies.

MST concentrated primarily on presentation of electronic LED products: modules and power supplies. A portfolio of conventional solutions was presented as well.

The new colours of MST’s logo, used in the arrangement of the entire stand, and constituting an important element of identification of our company, were noticed and widely accepted.

We thank our guests for their visits, conversations and time devoted to us during the trade fair.

We cordially invite you to visit MST’s stand in two years’ time. See you!

The MST sales team will be providing top quality and outstanding customer service.

Electro Terminal is a globally recognized specialist for electromechanical connectors and system components for lighting and household appliances and building installations.

Electro Terminal products

The consortium was established in February 2010, and as of August 2012 had more than 190 company members. ( Philips, Osram, Electro-Terminal, Zumtobel, Samsung, Panasonic..)

The purpose of standardization is to develop specifications that enable interchangeability of LED light sources and other components manufactured by different manufacturers. Specifications of Zhaga known as books (Zhaga Books).

Thanks to joining the consortium, the associated producers have access to specifications, elaborations and impact on the newly created specifications. Only certified products can use the Zhaga logo.

More information:

The statuettes are awarded for achievements in the previous year which had a considerable impact on the quality of life among the inhabitants of Little Homelands and contributed to the strengthening of the role of the region in the province, across Poland and abroad.

The competition is also a chance for the entrepreneurship market to create a platform of experts, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and both Polish and foreign investors to exchange their experience, share their knowledge and the latest information and, especially, form a group to lobby for the development of local companies in the region.

Magnetic Systems Technology Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. has yet again been awarded with certificates in the categories of Investment of the Year 2017 and 2017 Business Leader of the Poviat.

Magnetic Systems Technology Sp. z o.o Sp. K. was entered in the list of the most dynamically growing enterprises of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship in 2016.
The ranking is organized by the Institute of European Business, which analyzed the financial results of over 70,000 Polish companies in July this year
The main assessment criterion was the increase in market value of enterprises by more than 10 percent. By compiling data MST Sp. z o.o Sp. k. the market value in March 2015 amounted to PLN 58 761 and it rose to PLN 173 797 a year later. Data for the research of Polish companies was provided information collection agency by InfoCredit and Bisnode.

In addition, MST has been awarded by the European Business Institute in the IX edition of the 2016 Efficient Company Competition and the 4th edition of Trustworthy Firm Program 2016.

Until stocks run out, MST will be selling only these products in BAG brand. After that time, the production of the acquired products will be transferred from China to Poland, and will be sold in dual branding BAG/MST.

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This prestigious award is granted to companies which received the highest rates of stability evaluation, according to data by Bisnode Polska. The certificate is awarded to businesses which guarantee high level of profitability, financial capacity and liquidity. Moreover, their debt level and overdue payments are insignificant.

The Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers "Pol-lighting" is a  nationwide organization of manufacturers of lighting industry, acting on the basis of the law on employers organizations of 23 May 1991, bringing together the leading manufacturers of light sources and professional lighting equipment. The Association was created in order to integrate the environment with a view to develop and protect the lighting market and represent the interests of members in the realities of the booming economy in the European Union structures. "Pol-lighting" represents 80% of the Polish market of light sources and professional lighting equipment. In total, the members of the "Pol-lighting" in Poland employ over 8,000 people, representing 70% of the total employment in the lighting industry. ‘Pol-lighting’ works to increase innovation and competitiveness in the lighting sector in the framework of the European strategy for sustainable development, working with the government bodies, sector research institutes and other industry organizations.

The competition prizes, such as statuettes and honorable mention, are awarded to the companies which achieved work, process, goods and service quality improvement as well as customers’ and employees’ satisfaction improvement by introducing management through quality.

In 2016 Magnetics Systems Technology (MST) from Kętrzyn received the highest rank in the ‘production and service organization’ category voted by the independent experts of the Regional Quality Award.

Jarosław Sachryn CEO, President of the Board MST Kętrzyn, received the award from the governor of Warmia and Mazury province during the official ceremony "Żagle Warmii i Mazur" on 4th November, 2016.

Five special awards and statuettes were granted in fifteen categories. Artur Chojecki, the governor of Warmia and Mazury province and Ryszard Niedziółka, the governor of “Kętrzyn” district took honorary patronage of the gala. The awards were presented to individuals, companies and organizations that contributed to the development of the region.

Jarosław Sachryń, CEO, President of the Board MST Kętrzyn, received two awards for the Investment of the Year and Regional Business Leader.

Photos: Jerzy Lech

CTF 3 (Customer Testing Facility) accreditation is granted by DEKRA company. The audit of the laboratory was conducted at the end of 2015 and the CTF 3 Certificate was officially handed over during the Light + Building fair 2016 in Frankfurt. Attaining such accreditation makes it possible to carry out the certification process in our own laboratory and thereby receive ENEC certificate. As a result, the process of developing new products shortens considerably. Initially the only accredited products were HID and fluorescent ballasts. In 2010 the accreditation also covered ignitors. Accreditation of the LED power supply will be a target for 2017.

The photos show a diploma and "Philips Lighting - Overall Performance Award" trophy. The award was presented by Anna Spinelli - Senior Vice-President of Commodity Procurement at Philips International. This award is a confirmation of our commitment, entrepreneurship and a  clear vision, as well as focus on quality and compliance with the requirements of the highly demanding customer.

MST participated once again in the fair and presented their products, thus strengthening the company's brand and its recognition in the lighting industry.

MST stand was visited by several hundred representatives of manufacturers of lighting fixtures, distribution and design companies from all over the world.

We thank all visitors and invite to another edition of the fair in 2018.

Tomek Chorzelewski is a world champion in street dancing IBE Federation, 2014. He is also the first Pole to win International Hip Hop dance Festival – the Notorious IBE.

Tomek comes from Ryn, where he develops his dancing skills in the local community centre. He is taken care of and supported by Kids for Kids Foundation (Fundacja Dzieci Dzieciom). This whiz-kid has performed in many dancing shows organized by Community Centre in Kętrzyn. His dancing group have toured all over Poland. Recently Tomek has appeared in Super Kid programme in Polsat channel. The amazing choreography in a  break-dance style enchanted the studio audience and viewers.

On 16th November, 2015 in Zamkowy Młyn Brewery’s restaurant a special event took place. During the ceremony Marek Wójciak, the regional labour inspector, presented the prizes to the individuals and businesses which, according to the labour inspectors, stand out in terms of safety at work and compliance with the labour law.

Mr Jarosław Sachryń, the President of the Management Board of Magnetic Systems Technology Ltd Ketrzyn was awarded a title of ‘Employer – organiser of safe work’, as he came second in the competition organized by District Labour Inspectorate in Warmia and Mazury region. This competition is addressed to employers and takes place every year. Its target is to promote all activities that aim at improving safety at work and encourage employers to eliminate any hazards in their companies.

In April, 2015 in MST premises there was and official opening ceremony of a new shop floor for electronics production.

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In order to protect a client’s intellectual property we sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Document) contract. You can find more information in EMS/ODM.

Based on well known and cost effective ballasts platform, whole family of one phase shunt reactors were designed.

The main feature are low power losses and very wide variety of available inductances. Another benefit for our customers are very short lead time. Most of the products are available from stock, rest of them no longer than 10 working days. Technical details see in relevant data sheet.

Stanisław is a Polish double record-holder in weightlifting in the lying position. His titles include: Polish champion in Masters category – Zalesie 2012, European Champion in Masters category – Horn, Austria 2012, World Champion in Masters category – Herzberg, Germany 2013. During the European Championships in Latvia in 2015, he won the gold medal in Masters category for lifting 190 kilos. The sportsman was supported by MST, among others. We wish Stanisław more success!